“The place is very relaxing and the food is great! Kids love it. Service is prompt and friendly. Food is delicious, my wife's souvlaki was juicy and nice. Overall very positive experience.” Boris B. Overland Park, KS

Orgin of the Greek Taverna.

In classical mythology Dyonysus, son of Zeus is the Greek God wine. Inspiration of ritual, madness and revelry. Dyonysus was a major figure of Greek mythology, also known as Bakkhus. He was a liberator, freeing one self from by madness, ecstasy, and bring an end to care and worry. A “Taverna” refers to a small restaurant serving Greek cuisine, not to be confused with a “tavern”. As Greeks migrated elsewhere, and Taverna’s has spread throughout the world and are integral pert of greek culture.

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Real. Good. Greek food.

Our goal is to offer a menu diverse in traditional and modern Greek cuisine using nothing but the best spices and freshest local produce. Here at Bakkhus we pride ourselves in our Homestyle cooking but we're not afraid of trying new things. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to greek cooking, and we're all about putting new twists on items that we have on our menu. It's just one reason we are "Not your Ordinary Greek Restaurant."

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